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Be careful what you ask for. Be careful what you seed for. Bring your care into it. Bring your faith and trust into what you are to seed for. Start acting as if it's coming forward — take the actions that represent the claim.
— John Morton, DSS
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I seeded for...

"wonderful, appreciative, qualified people, in love with our home, offering us great amounts of money to buy our home within the next two-three months, and willing to let us stay in the house until we are ready to move to Nebraska in February." Would you believe...we had an offer for the FULL ASKING PRICE on day four, after placing the house on the market?! We had even asked for an amount $15,000 higher than our broker recommended. The buyers had a letter of pre-approval for financing and, though they wanted to take ownership in December, when we asked, they were completely amenable to passing papers in early February!!!

TALK ABOUT BLESSINGS!!!!! Thank you Spirit for these amazing manifestations of seeding requests.


I've had several great seeding successes...

including the one for my current husband, finances (resulting in unexpected income of $7000), finding lost items, etc. But the seeding story that comes to mind was the time I seeded for a happy vacation with my husband.

Though it wasn't the most expensive trip we ever took, it was the easiest and most relaxing. We stayed at a resort in Mexico that wasn't crowded, on beautiful beaches and surrounded by nice day trips. There wasn't a hard thing about it and my husband never looked better. It was the first time either of us had seen those incredible clear blue oceans and also the first time I managed to meditate while on vacation with him around 24/7. It worked.