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Be careful what you ask for. Be careful what you seed for. Bring your care into it. Bring your faith and trust into what you are to seed for. Start acting as if it's coming forward — take the actions that represent the claim.
— John Morton, DSS

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prosperity Is For You

Prosperity is for you—both the abundance of Spirit and the manifestation on this physical level. So make a choice to choose prosperity, to focus on it, and to decide that not only do you deserve it but you’re going to go for it and get it. And if you create an attitude of supporting yourself and others in doing the best you and they can, many aspects of creating your prosperity and abundance can fall into line.

From Timeless Wisdoms by John-Roger, DSS


In case you were wondering why more British died on the Titanic than Americans, here is your answer.

Still makes me proud to be British. Wait a minute. I'm an American now!

Posted by Paul Kaye at 4:28 PM
Keywords: Prosperity
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